Exercise in the Third Trimester

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Keeping active during the last stage of your pregnancy can help to prepare your body for the job of labor. Exercise will allow for better circulation of blood within your body, which can lead to a better labor and delivery.  Any of the activities mentioned in Exercise During the Second Trimester can be practiced in the last 3 months of your pregnancy, with certain modifications.We have listed those modifications below.

Swimming: Now that you have reached your third trimester, you may notice you become short of breath faster when swimming, so take adequate breaks. Swimming is still a great option for fitness because of the buoyancy caused by swimming, which can be great in relieving the stress on your joints.

Yoga: Yoga is a wonderful way to relax and keep your body active during the third trimester. As mentioned in the fact sheets on exercise in the other trimesters, the hormone relaxin is something to keep in mind when doing any stretching in yoga. At this point in your pregnancy stay away from doing poses that cause you to lie on your back, bend forward, or put weight on your stomach.

Walking and stationary bikes: These are two forms of exercises that can be great options at this later stage of your pregnancy. Maintaining conscious and steady breath will help you remain present throughout the exercise, and thereby lower your chances of overexertion.

Strength-Building: Building strength in your legs with squats, wall sits, or a weight-training machine is great preparation for labor and birth positions. Weight training for your arms can also help with carrying the baby after he /she arrives!


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